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The Complex

​​​PIC will occupy an area of approximately 6,303 acres in Pengerang, Johor; making the project's scope the largest integrated greenfield development in a single location, equivalent to 3,500 football fields.

PIC's strategic location also has the following competitive advantages:

  1. Safe, sheltered area with natural deep-water harbour

  2. Access to existing major shipping lanes

  3. Proximity to target markets within Asia

  4. Proximity to an existing major trading hub

  5. Availability of sufficient  land for development 

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Pengerang was chosen due to its strategic location near shipping lanes, deep-water port facilities, large acreage and close proximity to regional demand centers. The development will complement the existing infrastructures, attract foreign companies to invest and invite potential collaborations with global partners in logistics and product distribution. This is turn will spur the growth of Malaysia's Oil & Gas downstream sector; pushing Malaysia into a new frontier of technology and economic development.