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Air Separation Unit (ASU)

​​​​​​The Air Separation Unit, more commonly known as ASU is a project under the development of PETRONAS Gas Berhad (PGB).

The ASU plant separates atmospheric air into its primary components (Oxygen and Nitrogen) using a cryogenic fractionation distillation at a very low temperature (-196oC). The ASU also produces a portion of liquid gases to be stored for back-up system. The ASU will consist of two separate ASU trains (2 x 50%) ​​with an equivalent total capacity of 1,600 tons per day ("TPD") oxygen and 1,800 TPD nitrogen generation.​ ASU provides industrial gaseous to PIC at the capacity of 46,233Nm3/hr (1,584 TPD) of O2 and 45,631 Nm3/hr (1,370 TPD) of N2.

With the JV Partnership with an industrial gas player, ASU plays an integral role of a captive supply to Operating Units with a target of meeting Refinery First Start-Up in July 2018.

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